We are working on our documentation

Thank you for visiting our official web page. So you know, we've been working tirelessly to bring about the best new thing in the PHP Ecosystem.

We began this journey not to compete with other PHP Frameworks but to innovate and inspire creativity. We believe in the power of PHP, and we hope to help you build with speed.

Early Testers

You can download the default or micro framework below. After download, extract the zip file and open up the readme.txt for a quick installation guide.

Download Default Download Micro framework View my note

You can also run the installation process via the terminal/cmd. Here is a quick way on how to go about it.

  • Default php -r "copy('http://moorexa.com/download/raw-default', 'install.php'); echo PHP_EOL . 'Please run \"php install.php\"' . PHP_EOL;"
  • Micro Framework php -r "copy('http://moorexa.com/download/raw-micro', 'install.php'); echo PHP_EOL . 'Please run \"php install.php\"' . PHP_EOL;"



Here are some public videos to introduces some amazing possibilities. We hope you like them.

Basic Login System With Moorexa Part 1

Duration: 28 mins

This tutorial would guide you on how to create a basic authentication system on moorexa. It's a tutorial for anyone with a basic PHP knowledge, and space for learning something new and clean.

Get informed

We would like to notify you when the site and documentation is ready and available publicly.

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